Friday, October 2, 2009

Getting Re-connected......Slowly

Ah.....Finally, some time in front of the computer. Its FAST! And so is the internet here! Well, anything is fast compared to what we had in Palembang. Everyone is out and Aaron is asleep so I get to sit here for as long as I like.

I must admit that after 10 days of minimal computer usage and only using it for 'essential' things, I initially didn't feel compelled to sit down here at all. But now, its all coming back. IM-ing, browsing, blogging but not doing anything really important. It hasn't just been the internet that I've been disconnected from. I haven't watched ANY TV since arriving here. Its about time all that started again because I was embarrasingly late in hearing about the Tsunami and the devastating earthquake in Padang, Sumatra.

Richard left for Palembang early yesterday so we're slowly going to settle down into a more Aaron friendly routine. Previously, we were dragging him out all the time, over tiring him and then having him nap at the wrong time or place. Of course, he had fun the whole time but I need things to fall back into a more predictable routine so I can plan my days.

So, I've been out of touch with the world a little but as a result of all that extra time, my taste buds have been having the time of their lives! Mini explosions of yummy tastes several times a day. Our food in Palembang hasn't been bad at all. It was definitely healthy but the home cooked stuff I made was really getting boring. We haven't been stuffing ourselves with too much junk here. Just a controlled amount of ice cream, corn chips, the odd sausage roll and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. My favourite is the ice cream because its the one thing that we almost never had in Palembang and I could really go crazy with it but I have been good so far. Just one scoop a day.

Alright then, nothing much to this post. Just getting back into the swing of things.


Mike said...

You'll get so used to the fast internet that when you do go back to Palembang you'll be stringing wire yourself to ... anywhere.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It seems like not everywhere has fast speed.