Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Want My Normal Toenail Back

I've got a great reason for not blogging yesterday. I hurt my toe! Ha! Ha!

No, its not a good reason but I really did do some damage to my toenail. I don't know how I got this talented but my right foot somehow kicked my left little toenail. Heaps of blood but from what I could see (not really a lot with the bump in between my head and fee), the nail was still stuck on.

This morning, thanks to Aaron's monkeying around, half of it has flipped up and has been throbbing most of the day. Since then I've been in one long, grouchy mood.

In fact, the whole mood of this particular post is a grumpy one. Any pregnancy, after the first, is really no fun. There is no pampering, 'looking after yourself' or 'taking it easy'.

I've always been a morning person so when I was pregnant with Aaron, I still woke at 5.30am or 6am each day and went for a brisk walk followed by 30 mins of yoga. I did this even more religiously than before I was pregnant. AFTER that, I'd have breakfast followed by a nap. Those were good times. The rest of the day was just reading, watching TV, internet, y'know - relaxing things. I just did whatever I felt like doing.

Now, the day is spent 'serving Aaron'. Thats what it feels like on the bad days anyway. He's a good boy but an energetic one and I try not to waste his energy. Something is wrong with my back this time around too so all the playing on the floor isn't helping. Then there is this already rebellious baby deciding to be in the breech position and I think making me more out of breath than normal. AND there is the fact that I think I feel my pelvis loosening and making it a little painful to move my legs in certain positions.

So you see how one tiny toenail incident can make me blow things out of proportion and drag out the grouchy feeling for a whole day? Its all hard work and absolutely no pampering this second time around!

So for today, this blog will be used for venting. After all, it is the first thing I listed under the title. But don't worry I'll be back to normal soon. Thanks for reading.


John said...

Have I ever mentioned how great it is to be a guy?
Now what were you whining about?

Just kidding, Amanda. Sorry for your discomfort.

Mike said...

"followed by a nap"

When you're retired, everything you do is followed by a nap.

As far as losing a toenail, I've had that happen many times. It's no fun waiting for it to grow back.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Ouch! rthat must be so painful.

Bilbo said...

Thanks for giving Mike another opportunity to gloat about being retired. I hope you feel better soon...with you and my daughter both pregnant, I have enough to worry about. Give yourself a hug, and take that nap.

Amanda said...

Hi everyone,
Thanks for all the sympathy. I didn't take that nap but worked my way through a yoga dvd today. Surprise, surprise...I feel a lot happier.

Congratulations! You'll have another cutie to play with soon. Is this going to be Leya's sibling?