Monday, October 5, 2009

When Did You Ride With Two Wheels?

I remember learning on the concrete slope in front of our house in Ipoh. It wasn't very long at all (maybe 7 meters) but was easier than trying to ride on long grass. We closed the gate at the bottom and my brother and I would just roll down and slam onto the gate each time. I think I was about 5 or 6 years old.

We've got a new project on our hands at the moment : Teaching Aaron to ride a grown up bike. I still remember it taking him some time to figure out the old three wheel tricycle in Palembang and now we're working on a two wheel one already. Well, we've been alternating between two and four wheels....

Here he is in our backyard with my father....on two wheels. He managed to stay on for two seconds on his own so we thought we'd go look for some grassy slopes.

So, here he is again with my brother.

He only tried it on two wheels once and then insisted that we put the two training wheels back on. (I probably would have too after seeing those slopes.) And then, the rest of the park proved too distracting and he abandoned his wheels for his legs. Never mind, we'll try again another day. I'm sure this is going to be an ongoing project for the next few months.

He's very keen to ride along the riverside but we haven't done that yet because he never looks where he's going and then his arms follow where his head is turning. Don't want him falling into the Brisbane river until we complete our next project - teaching him to swim!


NomadicExpat said...

That look of joy on his face while he's on the swing is priceless! And err, I hope Markie didnt stand up all the sudden on that... what-do-u-call-that-thing again?! Aaron would have flown off! Hahaha.

Mike said...

As much water as you are around all the time you need to get him swimming leasons soon.

I learned two wheel biking in the brick alley behind my house. Never had training wheels. We used the fall over method.