Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thoughts On Hand Me Down Items

I've got about 3 months left before the next little baby arrives. Technically, I already have everything that is needed. Most of Aaron's stuff is still in good condition and they'll probably be the right size. BUT. Doesn't this little guy deserve some new stuff too?

I've bought a few new items but keep thinking that I can save so much money to buy other stuff if he just uses everything that Aaron already has. By 'other things' I mean books and toys which are usually ridiculously pricey.

I could buy the stuff now and have Aaron enjoy them. And since he keeps his things in good condition, his little brother can play with them in the future. Double usage for the one price. Unfortunately, it would still be a hand me down.

Don't get me wrong. There isn't anything wrong with hand me downs and I really like the idea. And I'm sure kids at that age don't feel anything except joy and excitement when they get something new anyway. The issue here is more with me. Its the whole feeling of not wanting to be partial to one child. Why should Aaron get new things and his little brother not?

The conclusion I've reached so far is that everything Aaron has will obviously be re-used. Aaron never had a lot of going out clothes as a baby because we never had anywhere to go. So, automatically, this next baby might get some new items there. The majority of Aaron's toys right now are hand me downs (from me!) anyway so he can continue to get new items at special times. Nothing excessive because I don't want him growing up materialistic. The next baby can get new toys/books in the same way that Aaron has been getting them. He'll probably need less since Aaron's toys will be around to play with but I'm sure he'll get crisp new books and shiny engines too.

So in the end, the second child, usually the one to receive hand me downs, is the one that ends up with a lot of bonus items!

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Mike said...

You're Catholic, right? From what I remember about my Catholic friends, kids number 2 to 6 always get the hand me downs. It isn't until kid 7 comes along and things start wearing out that you need to buy new stuff. And then they last through kid 12. You've got a lot of life left in those cloths.