Saturday, October 17, 2009

*Flashback* 14 September - The Last Murtabak Manis

This is a super unhealthy snack but its delicious. We have something like it in Malaysia but this is a hundred times better (and unhealthier). Murtabak Manis! I suppose this can be described as a giant, sweet, pancake lathered with margerine and topped off with your choice of crushed peanuts, cheese, chicolate chip or raisins. We always go for the peanuts.

I have been craving this for days but these stalls usually only open in the late afternoon and evening. That has been the smelliest time of the day recently so we've been staying in. The haze has been clearing a little over the past couple of days so after dinner, we went out.

I wanted to get some from my usual store but it wasn't there. You must go here to take a look at this one of a kind vehicle.

We went to another place recommended by our close friends instead since it was just down the road, in front of some auto shop. I'm really going to miss those friends when we leave Palembang. Richard and Aaron got down to order, one for us and one for those friends (they live one street away). Five minutes later, our friends arrive. What a coincidence!

* Look at that thumb nail!!! I'm only seeing it now, over a month after I ingested what it had handled *


Mike said...

Aarons immune system has gotten a good start.

Nap Warden said... had me, until I saw the thumbnail:O