Tuesday, October 20, 2009

*Flashback* 16 September : Our Home

We didn't do anything special today. Just three days before we leave and I spent the entire day at home. Shouldn't I be out somewhere? Doing one last something?

The problem with Palembang all along has been that there is nowhere to go. Apart from Perumnas market, the 3 malls, my weekly foot reflexology, the occasional hair spa and some of the restaurants there is nothing to do. Am I wasting precious time here?

Perhaps not. Most of our lives in Palembang have been spent within the gates of our house. Its not the perfect house but Aaron has had lots of fun in it. And I have had a lot of fun watching him grow and explore the house. I've complained that the garden here is too small but now I see that it is just the right size and with enough dirt for Aaron. The gates are always locked so we've reached the stage where he can roam about freely outside pretending to be a gardener / construction site worker / market vendor while I am inside the house doing some of the chores.

We never added to the old furniture that the landlord kept in this house and have done absolutely no decorating. The house looks bare but has been easy to childproof during Aaron's early days and now, there is enough space to kick a ball around indoors. I hope that we will one day get to live in a house with this much space again. And of course, a house with an internal courtyard with fishpond.

The house has four bedrooms but we only used one. We started off with grand plans of having the master bedroom and Aaron having his own room. Shortly after arriving here, we found that the master bedroom was in the worst position and never got any of the breeze or sunlight. Aaron had the best room and he was still such a fussy sleeper that it was easier for us all to move in with him. I've loved every minute of it. He has his own room prepared for him in Brisbane so I'm getting a bit nostalgic about snuggling up with him each night and having him wake me each morning.

Today, 20 October:
Well, Aaron has been going to sleep in his own room but I'm still waking up with him snuggling next to me each morning. When we first arrived, he used to creep into my room and then call out softly 'Mama' until I woke up. Now, he just climbs in and makes himself comfortable. I haven't had the discipline to take him back to his own room and settle him back to bed there yet. Part of me just wants to get rid of the bed and put mattresses on the floor for our whole family to sleep. Wouldn't that be cosy?

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Mike said...

"Am I wasting precious time here?"

Not if you're happy doing what you're doing.