Friday, October 30, 2009

Ever had an ECV?

I've mentioned that the baby is currently breech. At 30 weeks, this is apparently not a problem and supposedly about 18% of babies are breech at 32 weeks anyway. By the time they reach full term only 3-4% are breech so most of them should turn around.

Early on in the pregnancy, somebody asked me if I was going to have another natural drug free delivery. I said 'Yes' of course. I mean, its what I believe is right for the baby (and my recovery). BUT I also told my friend that part of me (secretly) wishes that I would have no choice but to have a C-section because 3 years and 3 months later, I still have the vivid memories of the natural drug free birth. *I hate thinking about it*

So, if I did it for Aaron, how could I not try my best to do it for this next baby too? Anyway, the baby's position is constantly on my mind and I'm always imagining I can feel his legs in my side or his head poking about. The doctor mentioned that at 36 weeks if he's still breech, they can try an ECV - External Cephalic Version. It seems safe but some women have mentioned that it is extremely uncomfortable.

This first video with the happy music cheered me up a little. Put my mind at ease.

And then I had to go look at another one!

External Cephalic Version

+ Jenny + | MySpace Video

I'd better go try all the other natural ways of turning a baby before 36 weeks.


Anonymous said...

If you would like to try to turn your baby yourself, there are two simple techniques:

* Handstands in a swimming pool where you will be safe if you tip over.

* Lie flat on your back and raise your pelvis so that it is 9 to 12 inches above your head. Stay in this position for at least 5 minutes, but for no more than 15 minutes.

Mike said...

I think you should try what anon suggested. AND we want videos. Especially the pool handstands.

keli.h said...

i'm not even going to watch those videos - i cannot imagine how uncomfortable that is. yowch!

my baby girl was still breech at 36 weeks but then flipped shortly after that, so don't worry!

fiona said...

my gy-ob suggested i raise my bed at one end so my pelvis was higher when i sleep. it didn't work on Kaeden. talking, coaxing, to the point of nagging when he was in "utero " didn't work either. Heard from my gy-ob then that he won't mind if i try acupuncture. i didn't think it should even be an option for me at that time.