Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm Still At The Calm Phase

I came across an article today titled "Nothing can prepare you for having children". I definitely agree with this. You really don't know until you're in the middle of the poop, kisses, vomit and "I wuv yous".

So, I didn't know what it was going to be about the first time round but what excuse do I possibly have now? I suppose I now know about all the good stuff. Even before we had Aaron, I always asked myself (and whoever would humor me) "Why do people want children?". Back then, I thought to myself that I would probably eventually reach the stage of wanting children, for whatever reason, so, I might as well do it now instead of waiting for my eggs and body to age. I know its not the most intelligent answer but it was the only one I had. Thankfully, I haven't regretted it.

So now, I find that question coming around again. Perhaps slightly modified to "Why do I need a second child?" It really is hard work. BUT, some people have told me that two are easier than one because you now have help with the entertainment. Yet other people have told me to watch out because the jealousy is a major issue. Whatever! It will be what it will be.

Once again, I don't have answers for myself or anybody else. Not even going to try to answer it.

All I know is that in comparison to those newborn days, Aaron is now super easy to have around. We can go out for meals and enjoy them. We don't need to be rushing home for naps. He can take himself to the toilet. He feeds himself. He goes to sleep by himself. He communicates, tells you what he likes and dislikes. He gets me drinks. Fetches this and that for me. Cleans up after he spills his drink.....EEK! Why tip the balance now?

At least I can prepare myself for those hard early days. This time, I know for sure that life will eventually stop revolving around feed times and nap times. Eventually. And, I'll have Aaron as a little helper. Its not exactly 'worry' that I feel about being a mom of two but more like "can I be as good a mom to two as I was to one?"


Mike said...

"can I be as good a mom to two as I was to one?"

Of course you can. We have no doubt.

Old joke -
1st kid, pacifier falls on the floor. Mom boils water and sterilizes pacifier for an hour before giving it back to kid.

2nd kid - pacifier falls on floor. Mom take pacifier to sink, rises it off gives it back to kid.

3rd kid - Mom finds dog chewing on pacifier. Takes pacifier away from dog and sticks back in kids mouth.

Amanda said... things will definitely get easier :)

Thanks for the vote of confidence.