Thursday, August 27, 2009

3yr Old Man

Aaron hasn't been feeling too great this week. So of course his crankiness led to extra work for me and ultimately got me feeling a bit tired today too. I'm sure his germs are making their way through me. And guess what? It was Aaron to the rescue.

I was lying down for a few minutes when Richard was home for lunch. I heard Richard leave and tell Aaron to play by himself for awhile. He did for about 2 minutes then I heard him come towards the room. I was determined to make use of my final few seconds of down time with my eyes closed.

I couldn't see anything but I could feel him creep in quietly. He came near me and (I think) took a long look before putting his hand on my arm. I didn't move and expected him to slap me or something similar but he went away slowly. Then, I feel one of the soft toys being pushed against me. I hear his little feet walk off and I realize that he is turning the CD player on. He put on his sleep CD for me and then left the room, once again, quietly.

This is what I do for him!

It was all so unexpected. On normal days, he would have pounced on me and wouldn't have given me a millisecond of rest. It made me want to get up at once and go play with him, make him happy for giving me such a pleasant surprise. I didn't though. If I did, I thought it might send him the wrong message and he would never do it again in the future. So, I waited about 5 minutes - that should be about the 3yr old's equivalent of 15 mins.

Maybe this is part of growing up to be a man. Y'know, never doing things when they're expected to but then springing a surprise like this at the least expected moment.


Nap Warden said...

Awwww...that is so sweet!

Mike said...

Cool story.

Tanya said...

Gorgeous-how did you not smile in your 'sleep'