Monday, August 3, 2009

No Green Thumbs Here

My okra plants have been doing extremely well for the past couple of months. They provide enough for me to have one or sometimes two meals with okra each week. I started to feel good about it. Recently, they've gotten so tall, I need to get on a stool to harvest them. I've been proud of them and it has felt great eating my own vegetables.

Here they are from their good side:

Unfortunately, things have recently started going wrong. Last week, the leaves on one of the plants all wilted. Overnight! And, it only happened to the main branch. So, I cut it off and am hoping that the remaining branches will stay healthy. So far so good....

After that first plant, I had three other plants start wilting the same way. This is really getting scary. Supposedly, okra is susceptible to verticilium and fusarium wilt but what if only part of the plant is wilting? I think my tomato plants had this problem too previously, they never lived long enough for me to get any tomatoes.

You can see the naked looking stalks here. The wilted leaves don't show up well in the photo.

And look at this one. No leaves at all!

I've bought some fertilizer so we'll see if that helps. Otherwise, I'll have to start from scratch again soon.


Mike said...

I had okra once. It was memorable enough for me to vow never to try it again.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

They look like they were doing well at one stage.

Nap Warden said...

I respect you for trying...I can't grow anything:(

Brian O said...

Do you really have to buy fertilizers when Rich works in a fertilizer factory? :)