Saturday, August 29, 2009

Flying Kites In Perumnas

One of my favorite scenes in Palembang is that of the local children playing in their narrow streets. I always thought that I'd love for Aaron to have that experience. Unfortunately, the area we live in has not provided many opportunities as there aren't as many kids who play in the streets here. Affluence tends to move children indoors and in front of TVs and computer games.

When we were out today, Iwan, our driver, needed to drop something home to his wife. I love it when that happens because I get to catch a glimpse of life in Perumnas.

Today, there were a bunch of little kids between 4 and 7 playing with their kites. We watched for awhile...

The area immediately in front of the houses were too narrow for these little ones. The big kids manage to navigate the low roofs but it was too hard for the younger ones.

They eventually moved to a more open space where Aaron looked on....a little lost.

I really wanted him to at least get a taste for what its like to play freely in the streets (even if I was hovering) so we got him his own kite and set it up.

Initially, I tried to show Aaron how things were done, but, it was hopeless. I never played in the streets this way :).

Iwan was the expert. I'm glad he was around to help us get the kites up so that Aaron could try 'flying' them. The other kids asked to 'challenge' Aaron to a kite fight but Iwan laughed them off for picking on the little guy. (But then, in the real situation, it would have happened and Aaron would have had a lesson in dealing with the bigger guys)

The kite is now home with us in Kedamayan and we did try to take it out but there was absolutely no wind on this side today! We'll try again tomorrow.


John said...

I remember making kites with my kids and flying them...lots of fun.

Mike said...

Here's hoping for a windy day tomorrow.

Amanda said...

John - I need to get better at flying them....

Mike - It raining :( At least good for the haze that we've been getting.

Nap Warden said...

Pretty kite!