Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Country's Tidbits At LCCT

Of all the airport shops I've been to, this is easily one of my favorites. It is at the Kuala Lumpur Low Cost Carrier Terminal. Forget about duty free cosmetics or electronics, its always the food that will get me.

The place is called Country's Tidbits And Candies Cottage and it isn't your ordinary candy store. It still has the usual gummy bears, jelly beans and more 'western' style sweets but the rest of the store is Asian. By 'Asian' I mean that they have the widest assortment of dried and salted fruits and peels I have ever seen. There are lots of these types of places in Malaysia but none with a range like this. There were also some 'herbal' stuff there...I can't call them 'sweets' because they definitely aren't sweet.

And then, a special enclosed room for all the dried cuttlefish. Stinko but YUMMY!

I ended up getting just three items:

Dried mandarin skins. These taste sour and bitter at the same time.

Dried lemons. Sourish and salty too...

And something I forgot to identify. They're sort of sourish, salty AND sweet at the same time!

Anybody want to take a guess what that last one is?


Emily said...

Wow...that's quite an assortment of candy. One of my favorite aspects of traveling is getting to sample all the food unique to that culture. I have no idea what that last thing is but it bet it's something wild!

Bilbo said...

I know what the last one looks like, but don't want to say anything because I detest it, and it'll spoil my lunch. The dried lemons look ... well ... dry. I really like the Indian relish called "lime pickle" - it's very, very hot, but absolutely delicious.

Mike said...

There's not enough bits on the internet to handle all the guesses I'd have to try. I have no idea. Though my first guess would be 'dried something'.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Gatwick in London is the worst!

fiona said...


wow! Brian n' I will go nuts (n' dried foodish) there! haven't try the lemons before. love the mandarin peels n' cuttlefish!