Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm Supposed To Be Pregnant, Not Fat

In Grade 2, I think I was about the only girl that I knew, that didn't go for ballet lessons. It was all the rage back then (don't know about now). All my friends went and I often saw them in their pink leotards and their hair done up in little buns. I wanted IN!

So then, my grandmother said that she would take me for lessons. Unfortunately, it wasn't in any ballet schools that I had seen my friends come out of. It was some after school activity at a school that I didn't attend. And, they didn't wear pink leotards. They just wore these white, short dresses. Never mind. It was still ballet.

After the second lesson, the teacher supposedly pulled my grandmother aside and said that I wasn't ballerina material and that it was better if I stopped. More specifically, my backside was too BIG!

I wasn't particularly upset about not going for ballet anymore but the big backside thing.....that was burned into my brain. On top of that, my father thought it was so funny that he joked about my big backside all the time. And that made my brother do it too. And somehow, my other grandmother got in on it too. They didn't do it in a mean way and its not like I developed any eating disorders from it but I'm always trying to see if my backside is getting any bigger.

Unfortunately, it now is. I don't know what it is with this second pregnancy but things are getting bigger, faster. With Aaron, I didn't even really look pregnant until close to 6 months. I'm not even at 5 months yet now and things aren't fitting anymore. Yesterday, I walked out with a couple of rubber bands to hold my pants up because I couldn't do the buttons up.

Supposedly, this is all to do with that bump growing in front but I can't help it, I'm spending a lot of time looking behind. There has been some expansion there too!

It seems to me that there isn't a whole lot of difference between feeling fat and feeling pregnant. I'm so looking forward to starting the breastfeeding. Hopefully it still works to melt away this fat.


Bilbo said...

Don't worry about it. Your friends will always think you're beautiful.

Mike said...

And some of your friends like well proportioned big backsides.

If you want to feel small go here - ARRRGGGHHHH it's gone! There was a site that featured ladies with big ... BIG ... backsides. But it is gonnnnnne!

Nap Warden said...

Fwiw, I gained a lot quicker the second time around and lost it quicker the second time around. Try not to stress about it:)

Sinn Wee said...

Congrats amanda!!!