Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Picking Fights

I've heard my mother say that for teenagers, you have to pick the fights that you want to have with them. I've also read that for toddlers, you have to do the same thing. Pick the fights worth having. If it doesn't hurt anybody, then just let them do it.

We bought Aaron a new helmet a couple of days ago. And yesterday, he put it on for the first time when we cycled to the city. We kept taking photos of him and telling him how cute he looked.

I'm sure he felt good in it in the first place but all that praise must have gotten to him because he refused to take the helmet off. No matter how we tried to convince him, he insisted on walking through the city with his sparkling blue helmet firmly fasted to his head. I had to get him a pair of sunglasses too so of course, that had to stay on his face too. I wasn't going to fight it. At least he didn't want to wear a shower cap or the banana peel on his head.

Now here's another case of choosing fights (and winning in the end). Well, not so much a fight but more convincing my father that he must get a new helmet. I've tried for years but he always insisted that he was ok with it and that he didn't care that it make him look like he's wearing a tortoise shell on his head. So, I gave up and just sort of looked at the ground whenever we rode past anybody. (Actually, I don't think anybody even bothered to look at him, I was just self conscious)

Yesterday, he suddenly says "I think I'll go get that $11.99 helmet from K-mart. Too many people are staring". YAY!!! He has been the one riding with Aaron and I think the both of them together have attracted more attention than his round helmet can handle.


Bilbo said...

I think I need a cool helmet like Aaron's. We have a helmet at the office that someone picked up at a safety fair one time - it's painted to look like a brain (to remind you of what you're protecting). We wear it when we need to feel smarter, which is most of the time.

Nap Warden said...

My Little Man loves the bike helmet...Aaron is a trendsetter!

Mike said...

Aaron looks like cool dude in his helment and sunglasses.