Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 13 Things I Don't Like About Brisbane

It would be easy to make a list of everything I like about Brisbane. So, I won't do that. Let me try to make a list of 13 things that I don't like so much about this place.

1. Eating out is expensive. I think dinner averages out to be about AUD$20-25 per person. Wouldn't be so bad if I earned Australian dollars but thats a lot if I have to do a conversion.

2. Summer here sometimes gets hotter than Indonesia or Malaysia. It sometimes
reaches close to 40 degrees Celsius.

... this is a hard list to come up with....

3. Aha! TV here is really lousy. They are good for current affair programs but not for movies and other 'light entertainment'. They take a long time to show the newer movies.

4. My parents are here but the rest of my family is in Malaysia. This means that family reunions will be expensive.

5. There is a drought going on right now and there are severe water restrictions at the moment.

6. The weather here is very drying on the skin. Makes people get old and wrinkly much faster.

7. I can't get my weekly foot reflexology here.

8. Parking tickets are issued WAY too fast here. We got one on the 2nd day we were back. Guess it takes some getting used to after the park-as-you-please mentality we have in Palembang.

9. There is way too much junk food around here. Its taking a lot of self control for me to stick to my 1 indulgence a week resolution.

...c'mon, just three more...

10. At the moment, it only gets bright after 6am which makes it hard for me to drag myself out of bed when Aaron insists on waking up at 5.30am.

11. I can't take my time to get dressed after a shower because its cold! Everything has to be pulled on in a hurry.

12. The water seems different here and I find that I need to moisturize my hands after each time I wash them. Bit of a hassle....

13. I worry about talking to or helping other little kids in the park. There is always so much concern here about talking to strangers and all sorts of child abuse allegations that I wouldn't want the parents to misinterpret whatever I was doing with their child.


Bilbo said...

Well, on the plus side you ARE in Brisbane and not in someplace yucky like...say...Washington!

Amanda said...

I don't know what Washington is like but I really really like Brisbane. It definitely is a plus. That list of 13 things took me ages to think up!

Nap Warden said...

How can it be that I don't know what foot reflexology is?

MamaGeek said...

I totally sense how HARD it was to come up with the list! :)


Mike said...

I can't pass this up.

Bilbo has talked about moving there. #6 will make him fit in better.