Saturday, September 13, 2008

My little S.N.A.G

Does anyone remember the word "SNAG"? Sensitive New Age Guy? I don't hear it much these days but it was used a little in the early 90s.

I have no comparison so I have no idea what other little kids are like. Aaron just seems extremely sensitive. I'm not that way and am definitely not an overly emotional person.

Some time ago, my mother bought him a book. She didn't read it before buying and I didn't read it before sitting down with Aaron. So, nobody knew it was about a little mouse whose mother died because he didn't listen to her when she asked him to get her some hard wood. The mother mouse needed the wood to keep her teeth filed down. Without it, her teeth grew so long that she couldn't close her mouth, therefore couldn't chew and subsequently died.

Aaron was very quiet throughout the whole story. He just stared at the book and at me. I thought he was being attentive and attempted to carry on a little bit about how little children should always listen to their parents. This brought him to the brink of tears!

OK. So that was some time ago but he still gets sad whenever we talk about that mouse (or any mouse).

Today, my mother read him another book. It wasn't a sad book at all but it was about a baby wombat who lost his mother. Aaron didn't wait long enough to find out the two were reunited because he was so worried that he would lose me that he came running to find me and wouldn't leave me.

Other times, he would stare intently at my face when I'm not visibly happy. He has to make sure that I'm smiling and laughing and HAPPY before he's satisfied.

I spend all my time with him and we have fun days everyday. He's basically a good boy so there haven't been any time-outs for quite a few weeks. I really wonder why he's so sensitive and worried about losing me. He's never had any reason to feel insecure or abandoned. Or is it because we spend so much time together that he's become super attached?


Mike said...

Aaron is just his own version of normal. I wouldn't worry unless he starts bringing you wood to chew on.

And by the time you get this phase of his figured out, a new phase will come along to reconfuse you. This process will continue forever.

Bilbo said...

Mike's smarter than I thought...he said just what I would have. The only thing I would add is that if Aaron were a girl, he'd be even harder to figure out.