Monday, September 22, 2008

The Magic of Sticky Tape

Aaron is often overly enthusiastic about turning the pages on his books and tends to make little tears on them. So, we're often fixing these up with sticky tape.

There have also been a few ancient Lego cars that have become so brittle that they cracked and fell apart. I tried putting those together with sticky tape as well. Don't laugh. It worked....for awhile.

Today, Aaron discovered scabs. (Strange isn't it, he's had them before but never noticed them.) He kicked his shin last week, a small scab formed and today, it started peeling a little.

This was while he was sitting in his stroller and we were walking by the river. I noticed him bent over. He was picking at it (of course!). He got it off and turns it over.

He then says to me "Oh no. This came out."

I told him that the little bit of brown stuff was called a scab and that it meant everything was better now. I'm not sure if he didn't hear me or just didn't understand.

He then insisted on going home so that we could get some sticky tape to fix it back. He believes it is a part of his body that is now broken and wants the scab back there. And, he also believes that sticky tape fixes everything.


Bilbo said...

You need to clear up Aaron's misconception right away. Every man knows that it's duct tape that fixes everything...not sticky tape. Even Mike knows that!

Mike said...

AGAIN he steals my line! Here I come to put a duct tape comment but NOOOOO. (Don't worry Amanda, eventually he will graduate to duct tape) But the duct tape analogy has been used!

Kellan said...

That is a funny story - aren't they darling!

Take care, Amanada - see you soon - Kellan