Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Catch Up

WOW! I've been here a week already. Here are 13 things that have happened arriving.

#1 Aaron and I are officially addicted to Special K. This is something I look forward to every time I'm here and now I've introduced it to Aaron as well. We're also enjoying a lot of other food that we don't get in Palembang. He had his first taste of strawberries yesterday.

#2 We took Aaron to the Southbank Parklands on Saturday. He loved all the grassy areas of course but there was a surprise there for him too - the beach! This is a man made beach and lagoon in the middle of Brisbane city.

#3 Toilet training is going well here. The weather isn't too cold and the change in environment seems to be working positively towards his awareness of needing to 'go'.

#4 I finally got to try my hand at the Wii and Wii Fit. This was a my mother's friends house. All those seniors have been getting together on weekends and having a lot of fun. I WANT ONE!!

#5 We walked the 2.5kms to the city to watch my parents at their Senior Citizen's clogging lesson. On the way back, I traded places with my mother and rode my old bike while she pushed Aaron.

#6 There is a new park in our area with a train, miniature petrol station and mini coffee shop.

#7 We've been to the local library for a story telling session.

#8 At times, Aaron seems confused about how he should communicate with the Australian kids and I've heard him trying to speak Indonesian to them.

#9 Another time, I heard him say "You don't say" with an extremely broad Australian accent when he overheard some Australians talking. The Aussie accent must have been distinct enough in the Wiggles DVDs that he's recognized it around him here and thought "Aha! I can't speak this language!".

#10 Aaron has broken my red pair of glasses. I'm now stuck with the white pair that has a scratch right in my line of vision. Thankfully, the red pair will be fixed by this Friday.

#11 The change in weather and the lingering cold that I had from last week has resulted in me losing my voice. Its definitely not effective just mouthing the words "Aaron, don't do that"

#12 We haven't watched a single minute of TV and haven't missed it either.

#13 On the downside, internet in this house has been slow. Problems with the service provider. I find this a little amusing because Palembang, a place where you'd expect slow internet and lots of problems, actually has very few hiccups with their service. Who knew Brisbane would be the place that I would get frustrated with internet?!


Mike said...

Wednesday post, then a Thursday post. I going to have to remember this trick. Leave on Wednesday, come back a week later on Thursday and it will look like you were never gone.

Bilbo said...

Good to hear from you again, and glad you and Aaron made it safe and sound. The part about Aaron breaking your glasses hits close to home...our granddaughter Leya's new favorite trick is to get all cuddly when you hold her, then suddenly rear up and snatch your glasses off your face and hand them to someone else. Sooner or later, she'll either break the glasses or take an ear along when she whips them off.