Monday, December 14, 2009

Wiggling With The Wiggles

We have had THE BEST day. This morning, we went for The Big Big Show by the Wiggles. It was incredibly fun and as crazy as it sounds, the most enjoyable concert I've been to in my life. It was fantastic to share in the joy that Aaron experienced watching the Wiggles live.

I don't know how we got to be this lucky because I tried to buy tickets for this show when we were still in Palembang and at that time, they appeared sold out before I got any. A couple of weeks ago, I tried again and we got front row seats! It had a circus theme with a lot of acrobatics mixed in with all the usual favourite songs.

Aaron had such an enjoyable time because he knew all the songs and we had such great seats right in the center. I think all the adults there had a good time too because we, of course, also knew all the songs. LOL! Just was a really fast paced, colourful and well planned concert. I just kept thinking of how hard they were all working and how well spent my $35 per person was. I'm sure that they could charge more than that and people would still go but they've kept it very affordable and still high quality.

The Wiggles definitely have a magic way with kids. They've been around over 15 years and it was mentioned today that one of them has qualified for a seniors card! And yet, I didn't see any little kid throw a tantrum today. There surely must have been at least one around somewhere but I didn't see or hear anyone unhappy. All the kids I saw (and there were hundreds of these little under 5s), waited excitedly for the show to start, then danced their way though it and afterwards, they all seemed to be on some sort of a high from all the singing and dancing.

I've really had one of those days where I've felt incredibly lucky and happy to have had the opportunity for some great family fun time.

Richard took a lot of photos but when I looked through just now, this was one of the only ones with the four Wiggles together.


Mike said...

With grown kids and no grandkids I'm WAY behind on who the Wiggles or any other kids favorites are.

Nap Warden said...

OMG...The Little Man loves The Wiggles!