Friday, December 18, 2009

Did he mean "Stop Nagging"?

As I've mentioned here before, Aaron is at that age of saying lots of funny (and embarrasing) things. He seems to have his ears pricked up all the time, picks up on all our conversations and then saves them for repeating at a later and more inappropriate time. As his vocabulary grows, he has also been coming up with some interesting original conversation too.

I always listen eagerly when he has something to say because they are often funny observations. Tonight was no different, and even though I know its not going to be so amusing in the future, it was still entertaining tonight.

After dinner, Aaron went to his desk to do some drawing. I called out to him that he'll have to stop in a few minutes, go brush his teeth and get ready for bed. Immediately, he came back with "Why do you tell me things I already know?". I told him that I was just reminding him and he went on to say that I keep telling him things that he already knows, too many times.

Its true, I repeat myself. But thats just because he usually doesn't move immediately. I never said the words "Stop nagging" to my parents but I can't help thinking that if Aaron know of the word "nag", he'd probably have used it tonight.

I have my first New Year's resolution ready for the start of 2010 - Only say things once!


Mike said...

You can never tell a kid anything too many times. You're being set up.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

People always need reminding, otherwise they will claim you never said it!