Sunday, December 6, 2009

Has it been three days?

Looks like it. We've had such a full three days that I didn't even notice not sitting in front of the computer for more than five minutes each day.

With Richard here, I managed to get quite a few things done. Part of the Christmas shopping is completed and all my Christmas cards are ready to be posted tomorrow. My sewing projects are still all up in the air but I'm getting there slowly. They'll all be done by the end of this week I hope.

Thanks to Richard, I got some shopping time without Aaron tagging along. The downside to that was that I didn't carry a big bag filled with drinks, snacks, toys and important things like my CAMERA! So, sure enough, I saw something I found amusing. Thankfully, I found this photo of it on an old news article:

This AUD 50,000 buggy is a Brisbane City Council invention and appears to have been cleaning Brisbane's streets since March this year. It really was very cute and had a sign in coloured lights reading "Beware! Chewing Gum Removal In Progress."

While this green buggy was entertaining, I can't help wondering if Singapore's no chewing gum laws are a better way to go. After all, that one may actually make some money.

On to the other photos I wanted to share...

We went for the Lord Mayor's Carols in the City concert last night. Even though the concert didn't start until 7.30pm, the gates opened at 5.30pm. And we were there at 5.30pm. Thankfully there was no chewing gum in the grass we were sitting on but just take a look at the crowd that made it in there before us.

We had an incredibly enjoyable evening even though it drizzled on us three times through out the concert. Aaron enjoyed it so much he didn't want to leave at the end. My favourite act was by James Morrison, the jazz trumpeter. Unfortunately, it did remind me of how many years older I have become since the last time I watched him perform. My father and I went to one of his concerts during the Brisbane Expo in 1988. TWENTY ONE YEARS AGO!

We've got another few concerts to go to this week and next, including THE WIGGLES!!! I love this time of the year....

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Mike said...

"And it sure beats getting down on your hands and knees to scrape up gum," he said.

I read the article. That would be one special street in the USA.