Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - 13 Reasons I Like Thomas & Friends

At the beginning, I couldn't understand the attraction Aaron had to Thomas & Friends. After 2 years of reading multiple Thomas stories daily, I'm finally getting it. In fact, I am grateful for the first book that was gifted to Aaron because Thomas has turned out to be a "really useful engine" indeed. So, here are the 13 reasons why I like Thomas & Friends.

1) They keep Aaron entertained and quiet during Mass on Sundays.

2) They were instrumental in teaching Aaron numbers.

3) I also used the faces on the engines to teach Aaron about the various emotions.

4) Aaron is starting to read the names of the engines.

5) Drawing engines is what taught Aaron how to use a pencil well.

6) It has been great for building Aaron's vocabulary.

7) The videos are usually no more than 6 minutes so its easy to use as short distractions throughout the day.

8) I genuinely like the melodies to a lot of the songs. My favorite is "Patience". Its great as a positive way to ask Aaron to wait.

9) The songs usually only have a single verse and chorus. Very important for when your toddler asks you to sing sing sing.

10) While there are plenty of accidents in the stories and videos, they don't appear as violent and "crazy" as those in some other kids cartoons.

11) The idea of engines that have faces and can speak is far fetched. Yet, the setting and stories are realistic and detailed enough to interest Aaron in real life stations, quarries, docks and of course construction equipment.

12) Some of the books are small enough to fit in my handbag. Whenever Aaron gets antsy, I just whip one out and everything is solved.

13) I love sitting back and watching Aaron make up his own stories with his engines. His imagination is really taking off!


MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

You KNOW I could have written this post! Aaron and my guy could play Thomas together FOR HOURS.


I'll book my flight tonight.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good answers. Aaron might get a real liking for trains later on.

Nap Warden said...

We LOVE Thomas in this house;)

Mike said...

Hope he grows up to be a 'train' guy.

egan said...

Then there's the whole hand-eye coordination that develops too. We were gifted a Lady train from my brother's family because their son loves Thomas. My brothers and I used to play with wooden trains all day. Great toys I say and a nice tribute you've created.

Amanda said...

Looks at all the Thomas fans here! Its amazing that these little trains have such an appeal worldwide. I heard that they are really big in Japan as well. Some of the Thomas stuff here actually have Japanese packaging.