Sunday, February 22, 2009

Door-to-Door Eggs

You can buy almost anything from your door step here. The vendors load carts with their wares and push it around the neighborhood, yelling out whatever it is they are selling.

The few regulars in our area are : Vegetables, seafood, brooms, plants, earth, flowerpots, eggs, snacks, full meals. I think thats about it.

Apart from eggs, I only occasionally buy from these door-to-door vendors. It is always pricier and not as fresh. As for the snacks and meals.....its just too scary to think of the bacteria festering there.

Eggs are the exception because it is harder to buy fresh free range eggs from the markets. So, I have a regular lady that stops by the house once or twice a week.

The problem with her is that she doesn't have a regular schedule and sometimes, we run out of eggs and I go out and just buy the normal type. Inevitably, she'll show up the next day (or later the same day). She's a very wrinkled old lady that hobbles up to the house with bowed legs. I always end up buying some from her just to lighten her load.

So the story today is that we went to mass in the morning and afterwards, there happened to be a boy selling eggs outside. I got two packs, each with 10 eggs. Within 30 mins of arriving home, the wrinkly old lady arrives with two buckets of eggs. I bought 10 from her for USD 0.85 and now, I have 30 eggs in my fridge. They're only about half the size of normal eggs so its not as much as it sounds, but still....


Bilbo said...

I guess I should send you some of my egg recipes, eh?

vw: forlocu - in favor of your imprisonment?

John said...

Eggs are an awesome food. I love them fried, scrambled, as omelets, egg salad or just hard boiled. I always like have a few hard boiled eggs in the 'fridge so that I can grab one for a snack!

wv: exprowal..a retired burglar

Mike said...

"think of the bacteria"

That was the first thing that crossed my mind when you said street vendors.

Wv - ineclad - inside a clad.

Surfergirl said...

china is far off from indonesia, but i suppose chinese products gets its way around. beware of FAKE EGGS

what counterfeit product will they think of next?

otherwise its time to make leche flan!

Val said...

I have a wrinkly old lady that collects soda cans out of everyone's recycle bins on garbage day. We save ours to bring in to the junk yard to get money when we have about 10 bags.

Anonymous said...

"beware of fake eggs" from Surfergirl. I don't get it...
Impossible to not knowing the real eggs or is there such of thing of "fake eggs"?

fiona said...

ah kwan told me she could help me get those eggs near her church. i'm guessing she prob. goes to the same church as you do.
thanks for the eggs! :)