Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - 13 Amusing Things

Sometimes, its easy to forget how to be amused by the small things in life. So here are 13 small-ish things that have amused me recently.

1) Washable Markers - Nothing is more fun to a toddler than something forbidden. He's been trying to get at my permanent markers for awhile and today I replaced them with the washable ones and invited him to try them out. You can't imagine the joy that he had with something so simple.

2) Aaron crooning Blue Moon with his eyes closed.

3) IM-ing, Skype and VoipStunt all keep me endlessly amused by allowing me to stay in touch with friends and family.

4) Reading the responses that Bilbo, John and Mike had to Fiona's meme was A LOT of fun.

5) The mattresses we have are crap and I've been wanted to change them. THEN, I "found" the one in the spare room and last night, I had a FANTASTIC sleep.

6) An easy way to encourage Aaron to eat independently is to serve his food in our adult plates. Now why didn't I think of that earlier?!

7) I remember my mother having "the look". It stopped me from doing whatever it was I was thinking of doing. I seem to have developed "a look" for stopping endless Whys. Its worked for two days so far.

8) I got a HUGE parcel in the mail last week. A friend from Shanghai sent us Christmas presents. The girl was so busy while in Shanghai that she lugged the stuff all the way to San Francisco where she was spent Christmas and mailed it to us from there.

9) These were in the huge parcel mentioned in #8. They have had me amused for about 5 days now with their salty and sour taste.

10) Found in a flower pot this morning.

11) He's writing his name all by himself now, unprompted.

12) I always get excited when I see my new plants coming up.

13) Anti- corruption banners came up over night and are all over the roads in our area. "Bersih" means clean. I love how they used the picture of the rat!


Nap Warden said...

What the heck is #10?!? I'm scared...

fiona said...

Awww the wee rat is adorable!
Good job on the name writing :-)

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

That bug? FREAKS. ME. OUT.

I'm such a wimp, I Know!

Mike said...

6 - Did you slap your forehead too?

egan said...

We just started getting into washable markers too. They are so awesome. My daughter loves coloring, but I'm nervous about what she colors. Washable markers ease my mind.

Our spring plants are about to make their appearances too. I love to watch the budding plants/trees bloom.

John said...

#4 You need to get out more.

Bilbo said...

#7 - My granddaughter Leya has "the look." The teachers at her day care center told my daughter that Leya could intimidate the other children with her stare, but we didn't believe it...until I tried to take a box of raisins away from her so she would stop stuffing them into her mouth. The look she gave me would have curdled milk. I gave the raisins back.