Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Scenes From Life By The River

Yesterday, as we were leaving the house on the river, we met Nellie. She had just finished washing her clothes and having her bath in the river.

We chatted with her for awhile and shortly into the conversation, she invited us to her home. Her house wasn't one on top of the water. We had to wind through the alleyways and walk along an old railway track to get to her place.

I took a peek into one of the houses. This was the kitchen, living room and dining room. I'm sure it is also where at least one member of the family sleeps each night.

When we got to Nellie's house, she showed me her work.

She weaves the traditional Kain Songket to sell. I think this was the reason why she invited us back to her house. And I don't think she was trying to get me to buy it either. She was just very proud of her work and wanted to show us what people in the area did. (When we met by the river, I was asking all sorts of questions about life there and what people did for a living.)

People always ask me what there is to see in Palembang and I used to tell them that it is one of the most boring places on earth. I was so wrong! I see things differently now. There may not be any "touristy" things to do here but there is plenty to experience if you're interested in people.


johnorford said...

great pictures!! i think the same way for many cities in indo, it's the ppl that make life there interesting!! : )

Bilbo said...

I really think you should consider expanding some of these posts and submitting them to travel magazines for possible publication. All they can do is say "no," and you have some very interesting photos and insights into things most people will never see. Let me know what you think.

Mike said...

I think in the last picture what is really interesting is; 1. the new fan; 2. the television; and 3. the light bulb hanging by it's cord on the wall.

Nap Warden said...

Wow...when you compare the houses on my blog to yours, it sure gives you perspective!

Amanda said...

John - Welcome to my blog. I'm a little ashamed that it has taken me this long to really see the people.

Bilbo - Thanks for the encouragement. You have given me a great idea for something new to work on. I'm not sure that I will be able to pull everything together in a meaningful way for a travel magazine but I'm going to try. Like you said, all they can do is say "no".

Mike - I'm always looking at those other details too. Regarding the television, every little house had one. AND, they were ALL on.

Nap Warden - Imagine if someone from the homes you have been posting about did a house swap with these people!! Reality TV HIT!