Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Typical Day In Brisbane

Our lives in Palembang were so routine that I could let you know exactly what I would be doing, at any time of your choosing, weeks ahead of time. Wake up, play with Aaron, nap for Aaron, play, lunch, nap, gym, play, dinner, bedtime. Its the same every day of the week.

Things are much more interesting here. There is no typical day. I haven't even been able to keep all my "appointments" with Richard because there are so many things that you can suddenly decide to do here.

Take today for instance. I thought we were going to have a quiet day at home but my father announced at around 11.30am that there was a free concert in the city hall at 12.30. OK. Lets go. My mother helped to mind Aaron while we got onto our bikes and peddled to the city.

While riding there, my father says that later in the afternoon, we should all go to the other side of Brisbane to check on one of their friend's houses (the lady is away on holidays). And of course, to make sure that her Nintendo Wii is still fully functioning. So, that was a whole afternoon of playing Wii Fit games - more exhausting than you can imagine!

With the quiet day I thought I was going to have, I planned to make Moussaka for dinner. No, I've never made it before. I had all the ingredients but didn't read the instructions thoroughly enough to realize that there is a lot to do in it. Anyway, 2 hrs later, we had a very late dinner.

And now, all I can think of is bed....bed..........bed......

p/s The Moussaka was a little flooded but tasted great :)


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Bilbo said...

My daughter has a Wii Fit game. I cannot tell you how stupid I look trying to do the downhill ski slalom, the hula hoops, and the tightrope walk. At least my granddaughter thinks it's funny.

Amanda said...

OMG! You must get your daughter to get a video of you doing the hula hoops. I did that to my was HILARIOUS!!!!

GJ said...

Must be starting to feel like summer in Brissy now. Enjoy!!