Sunday, October 26, 2008

Aaron's dreams come true

After the months and months of steam engine talk going on in this house, we finally got to go on a few today. Even though they were just miniature ones, it didn't take away any of the thrill and excitement that trains have come to evoke in this house.

You can see Aaron and my mom peeking out from behind the driver here.

There is a park about 30mins drive from our house that has miniature railway tracks on it. And, once every month, train enthusiasts will bring their trains here, attach 'coaches' and give rides. It was AUD 1.50 a ticket and the proceeds went to one of the Lions' clubs in the area.

Aaron lined up patiently for nearly 30 mins for the first round with no complaints at all. It just shows that when the incentive is attractive enough, he'll comply. After that, the crowd was gone and he went for two more rounds without having to line up for more than 5 mins. I think each trip around the track lasted about 10 minutes.

These little trains were more powerful that I thought they would be. Just take a look at how many people they're pulling along. There were a couple of instances where the trains did break down and had to be retired to the workshop. Just part of a routine steam engine day I guess.

Aaron and I are on the very last bench.

Here is a closer look at some of the engines.

At the end of the day, it was another great Sunday adventure. Aaron was totally satisfied and so were we all.


Anonymous said...

what a dream come true to Aaron!! I received your post card already .. Thanks!

fiona said...

Hi! my husband found your blog today and we're really happy to know someone else besides ourselves (s'poreans) who live in Palembang. I've an inkling we stay in the same estate after seeing your other post.

I'm a sahm to a 7mth baby. :)
here's my blog:


Bilbo said...

In the first picture, it looks as if your Mom is enjoying the trip more than Aaron...

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed yourselves riding around the Island of Sodor on Thomas & his friends, huh? Ha ha ha!

Glad you guys had fun!

Mike said...

Take me too next time! That looks like fun.

NomadicExpat said...

This is so friggin' awesome and cool!!! I want to sit in one too!

AIYAH, too bad I'm no longer in SF... Aaron would LOVE the trams where they go up and down, up and down the hills. Well, one day when you decide to fund my trip and his, I'll bring him there. :-P