Monday, October 20, 2008

Non Stop Weekends

I miss my blogging time in Palembang. Over there, I always had more than enough time to sit down and blog.

Over here, its non stop whenever the sun is out. So, its usually 8 or 9pm before I get online to do anything at all. Sometimes, like yesterday, I sleep right through 8 and 9pm! Weekends are the worst because there are so many additional activities that are happening around Brisbane.

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon in the City Botanical Gardens. They had a free performance by the Woodwind and Brass Sections of the Queensland Pops Orchestra.

The music they performed were all themes from movies and musicals. No heavy classical stuff. It was fun and Aaron enjoyed looking at all the instruments in action. Afterwards, we hung around while the musicians packed up so that he could look at the instruments up close.

Before going home, we had a brief game of hide and seek around these amazing trees.

As soon as we got home, we had a brief chat with Richard and then headed out to one of the nearby parks.

When it was time to put Aaron to sleep, I think I fell before he did! This was at 7.30pm. I woke up about 10pm but just went right back to sleep again. There was no need to change or do any of that other stuff you do before going to bed.

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Mike said...

"I sleep right through 8 and 9pm!"

Priorities are priorities!