Sunday, October 12, 2008

I mean it!

Aaron is two years, two months and five days old today. He communicates all his needs/wants/demands in words and understands all of my words perfectly. So, there are no excuses.

I've been cautioned so many times (by books and humans alike), that parents shouldn't make empty promises or threats.

It has been easy keeping all the promises. I like seeing him "succeed". So far, I've tried not to make the rewards too materialistic. Its usually a story or maybe some unscheduled time at a park. Of course, I have also resorted to the types of promises that appear more like bribes. Its a fine, fine, line between a promise a bribe.

It has been hard carrying out the threats but at the same time, interesting. I do try not to make any threats in the first place but sometimes, in the heat of the moment, things get said. So far, I've thrown a pencil out into the garden, taken away a train, things like that. He's at the stage of being so possessive/protective of his belongings that it is usually a deprivation threat.

Yesterday, I finally got fed up with Aaron's increasingly long and drawn out meal times. Its not that he's picky with food. Lately, he just refuses to feed himself and even when I give in and feed him, he just keeps it in his mouth without swallowing. After 45 mins of begging him to chew and swallow, I said that if he didn't eat normally, I would throw his food out.

And I did.

WOW! I should have gotten my camera ready for the reaction. He looked exactly like one of those cartoons of a baby crying with mouth open and tears spewing in two big arcs to the sides of his head. I couldn't help laughing (making me appear even more evil). I could see the look of disbelief and hurt on his face. He really didn't expect it. I was just so mad and there was no turning back after I blurted out "Eat or I'll throw it away".

Anyway, today, I realized that throwing the food away is too wasteful. So, to set things straight, at the first sign that he was going to make breakfast difficult, I told him that if he didn't eat up, I would eat his food. I ended up taking one bite and that got him eating normally. I hope it lasts....I do hate myself for doing these things.


Anonymous said...

Your face must look very scary/angry when you threw out Aaron's food!

Bilbo said...

Don't feel bad or guilty...learning limits and the consequences of actions is a major part of growing up. More parents nowadays need to re-learn this lesson. Good for you!!

Mike said...

You just missed a chance for the $10,000 prize on America's funniest videos.

Kellan said...

Pretty good tricks - hope the last one works! They have minds of their own and it does help if we stick to our guns - something I don't always do.

Have a good week - Kellan