Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #15

Sometimes I find that I use these Thursday Thirteen posts as a sort of planning / list making tool for myself. So today, we have:

13 New Activities I'll Try With Aaron

1) Fingerpainting.

2) "Pretend" fishing in our pond. I just need to make a fishing rod.

3) Gluing some colorful shapes onto paper.

4) Negotiating toilet paper barricades or 'detours' around the house.

5) Walking on a low (and wide) balance beam.

6) Finger puppets.

7) Get a magnifying glass so we can look at things.

8) Playing with a flashlight.

9) Drawing with chalk on the driveway.

10) Typing in Microsoft Word using big bold fonts.

11) Toddler hopscotch.

12) Marching and funny walks.

13) Word "treasure hunt" while we're reading.

There can never be enough activities when it comes to occupying a toddler's time, so, leave me a comment on any other indoor fun ideas you may have. Thanks!


Kellan said...

Oh, my kids love/loved many of these activities - especially the chalk on the driveway - Alexis STILL loves that one and Little Billy too!! Have fun!

Thanks for your support and friendship - you are a dear friend and I am so lucky to have found you in this big blog world. Have a good day - Kellan

MamaGeek said...

Great ideas Amanda! Our little guy LOVES finger painting - I like it OUTDOORS - so much easier to clean up.

egan said...

Hmm, you could have him stare at insects with the magnifying glass. Make sure he doesn't have the sun overhead though.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Ria. Drop by at our library when you and Aaron get bored :) It's on Jl. Mangkunegara No. 100. Phone 821638. From Kedamayan turn right on Simpang Patal,just follow the road about 1 km. Look for the sign "English Library". It's on your right. When you see the tower at Kantor Telkom, you're about getting there. 200 m from Telkom.You & Aaron might want to check out some books! C u :)

Amanda said...

WOW! Ria, I'm glad to meet you. Who knew that blogging would lead me to an English library in Palembang. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for calling Amanda! But oh... how rude was I, forgot to ask for your phone number!! I'm old :)
You're right, you never know when and where the blog will lead you on something. Have a good weekend!