Sunday, June 15, 2008

Can I bring my groceries in?

Take a look at this photo. See anything that doesn't belong?

Yup. Trolley with add on 'car' for toddlers loaded with our groceries. I caught a few strange looks cast our way but we didn't care that we pushed our groceries into a dimly lit and smoky pool hall. Anyway, we did ask first if we could bring it in.

We happened to have Aini with us for lunch today so afterwards, I asked if she would help look after Aaron for awhile while Richard and I spent 30 minutes pretending we could still play pool. I won the first game but we were so slow that we couldn't finish a second game before the time was up.

The 30 minutes took us back about 8 years to when we were first married and had all the time in the world to perfect our game. Made me feel so much younger that I had to take off my glasses to play. They were in the way!

We definitely need to do this more often. Palembang is littered with pool tables. There are the crappy neighborhood ones (which I am definitely willing to try), lots of middle range pool halls where teenagers hang out and then a few expensive ones about too. We don't fit in with any of the crowds there but who cares? We like playing, even if we have to bring our groceries along.


Bilbo said...

Yet another interesting tidbit about Amanda and life in Palembang. I'm glad I learned this now, instead of at some later time after you'd innocently challenged me to a game of pool, then taken every last dollar I had!

GJ said...

Amanda that's so funny, "don't fit in with any of the crowds" Why??? Don't they bring their shopping trolleys??
Very amusing story. Still smiling :~)

Nap Warden said...

Funny! I love the shopping trolley:)

MamaGeek said...

You know I had to look good and hard to find the out of place item. And if it works, GO WITH IT, right? :) I have always wanted to play pool!