Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Scenes from Palembang

I haven't posted many photos of Palembang lately. Its not that I've been a hermit, its just that I keep missing the good shots either because I forgot to bring my camera along or I couldn't get it out fast enough. Anyway, here are a few.

Here's the reason why I don't buy meat from the markets. I did enjoy watching the guy hack away at the ribs with his axe though:

A truck laden with all sorts of plastics. You don't need to go out to buy the bulky (or small) items, this truck will drive through the neighborhood and you can shop from the comfort of your front gate.

These two kids have been on my mind a lot lately. I see them almost every time we drive past the intersection. I've been hesitant to give money after hearing some sad stories about these beggars. The first was about adults renting kids from their neighbors to make themselves look more deserving as beggars. The second is of course the common practice of sending the kids out to beg because they get more sympathy. I'm leaning towards buying a big tin of formula and giving it to them but then my driver said that its not unthinkable for the mother to just sell it. I think I'll do it anyway. I can't imagine that a mother would throw away the opportunity to feed her children something good.

I missed a lot of 'good' photos of these two. There have been times that I've seen the older boy pulling silly faces at the baby. And also times when I've seen him rocking the baby to sleep. There was once when I saw him playing around with two other children (yes, in the middle of the road) with the baby in his sling. After all, he's still a kid. Where is the adult??

Edited to add:
I've noticed a group of 2 or 3 women who are always 'camped' under a tree by that roadside during the day time. I think they are the mothers (or maybe renters) of the children. So, thats one place where the adults may be.


Kellan said...

That plastics truck is a pretty cool idea!!

Those poor children - what a life!

Have a good evening, Amanda - thanks for the pictures! Kellan

GJ said...

Looks just like the "big village" Jakarta only the roads are wider!!!
Same begger on nearly every corner.
I love the little guy here who tucks a leg up in his trouser then sits on the ground as if he only has one leg. When the lights change and he has his money, he frees his leg and runs back to the curb ready for the next light change. Little bugger!!

Bilbo said...

I always enjoy the photos! I think I need an axe for the next time I try to cook ribs...except Agnes probably wouldn't let me use it.