Monday, March 10, 2008

She's here!

My mother arrived today for a 3 week visit. As usual, she zoomed in on her little grandson. I don't mind, she brought me lots of goodies (and essentials).

I wonder what's going through Aaron's little mind. He is extremely close to my parents and has spent almost as much time with them as he has with Richard. Did he wonder where she has been all this time? Do little kids know how to 'miss'?

Last week, while I was on a video call with my mother, Aaron kept walking to the back of my desk trying to see if she was there. He wanted her to pick him up. In the end he climbed on my lap and tried to launch himself at my laptop to get near her. It was funny yet sad at the same time. He really did get quite upset when he couldn't get to her.

Look at them now!

So what sort of things would I 'order' from somebody outside Indonesia? Take a look at this:

She brought the ingredients to make Tau Fu Fah (Soyabean pudding?), some chinese dried meat (something like beef jerkeys), tasty Coon cheese, CHOCOLATES, quinoa and peanuts. We can get peanuts here but she just brought some leftover from her own house.


Bilbo said...

What a nice photo of Aaron and his grandmother! And the picture of the goodies grandma brought along reminds me of how it looks when Agnes's parents visit from Germany - they always have an extra suitcase filled with all the things we can't get here (or can't afford here when they're available).

John said...

Have a great visit! Looks like Aaron is very happy to see his grandma.

Kellan said...

So nice for you all to have your mother to come for a visit. Cute picture of her with Aaron! I can't believe she brought all that stuff with her. How nice!

Thanks for coming by today. Have a good evening and I'll see you soon. - Kellan

Serina Hope said...

I hope you have a wonderful time. I am glad that she spoils you bit as well as Aaron.

NomadicExpat said...

Poor boy... He's probbaly wondering why he's always moving around from one country to another! :-)

I'm going to go for my tau foo fah here in HK soon. And I'll think about Aaron when I slurp mine up. tee heee hee.

elizabeth embracing life said...

Your mother is so sweet to bring all these goodies. What a special time for Aaron to spend with his grandma. I think kids remember the faces and events. I don't think they get the time lapses so much.