Monday, March 24, 2008

Fun Monday - The ABCs of My Happiness

Swampy's Fun Monday challenge is to pick a theme and then list down, using each letter of the alphabet, all the words, phrases or photos related to that theme.

I really had a hard time picking a theme for this challenge but in the end settled on 'Happiness' because it is what we all need and sometimes, it is easier than we think to attain it.

A - Aaron. Of course.

B - Blogging.

C - Cheesecakes.

D - Deep fried food. Unhealthy but the occasional treat definitely makes me happy.

E - Exercise. It releases endorphins.

F - Figuring out a Sudoku puzzle.

G - Giving gifts.

H - Hugging.

I - Internet. Just a few minutes can often perk me right up from any bad moods.

J - Joining online communities. Living in Palembang often has me feeling isolated but once again, the internet has solved my problems.

K - Kellogg's Special K. I love these. They are my favorite breakfast cereal.

L - Listening to Michael Buble.

M - My family. Any and all time spent with them is full of laughter.

N - Noticing something special on somebody else and complimenting them on it.

O - Overlook annoyances. Definitely easier said than done.

P - Planting my own vegetables. I started this last year and am amazed by how happy I get eating food from my garden.

Q - Q from Star Trek. All the episodes with Q are my favorites.

R - Reading a really thick fantasy novel.

S - Simplicity. I can be fussy but for most of the time, I try to keep my needs simple.

T - Talking with an old friend.

U - Using my hands. It makes me feel like I'm doing so much more and gives me a really full sense of accomplishment.

V - Visiting Friends.

W - Walking in the morning sunshine.

X - X-tra time to myself whenever Richard is home.

Y - Yellow. Its a happy colour.

Z - Zip-a-dee-doo-dah. This song always makes Aaron laugh and that makes me happy.


SwampAngel65 said...

A nice list...I do believe I can agree that most of the things on your list being me happiness, too! Ah...deep fried foods...I'm craving a Monte Cristo sandwich right now!

Thanks for playing Fun Monday!

lisa marie said...

What a great topic. Those things make me happy too although we might have to substitute some names of people. :) I am trying to leave the deep fried food alone for awhile.

swampy said...

Love your topic. Gives me such a nice warm fuzzy just reading it. I especially love "Z."
Thanks for playing the game and have a zippy-de-doo-dah week.
I'm off to go fry a Twinkie and it's all your fault.

Pamela said...

I like zippity doodah, too!!
'My oh My what a wonderful post'

Simply Jenn said...

Your list is wonderful! You are filled with lots of love. This post made me smile.

Lil Mouse said...

food tastes so much better out of a garden. moving too far away to get garden treats is a REAL bummer to me! I grew marigolds last year (not hard), but it made me so glad every day to see their sunny blooms. we did get some home-canned tomato juice, green beans, tomatoes, and a few potatoes, those tasted SO good compared to stupid store potatoes! ohh and fresh onions in a sauce, sigh... I love to watch things grow and pick them at the height of freshness. I dont like to plant, though, that stinks! ha!

ellen b said...

I like your list! Happy Monday to you!

Nekked Lizard Lady said...

What a happy ABCs. Excellent Fun Monday!

Celeste said...

Very well done.

I do find it interesting how the internet brings such a diverse group together. Can you remember life without it?

Alison said...

great happy list...I love it!!

ChrisB said...

A great eclectic list~ I fully agree with Pamela's comment!

Bilbo said...

What a great list! "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah" is a I can't get the tune out of my head! As for your "O," my mother always used to tell us "little things affect little minds"...I try to think about that whenever I get aggravated (but it doesn't always work). And I can really relate to your "P" since I started seriously keeping my herb garden...there's nothing in all the world like eating something you grew yourself.