Saturday, March 29, 2008

Movie Night

WOW! I just finished watching Poseidon (the 2006 version) and it was gripping! All 98 minutes of it. Maybe its because I haven't watched a good action/adventure in ages but I hardly blinked through it all and at the end of it, I just sat there thinking that it was the greatest movie ever. Of course, I know it isn't but it gave me THAT sort of feeling. I watched 'Elizabeth. The Golden Age' last week and while the costumes and sets were beautiful to look at, I wasn't saying 'Wow!' afterwards.

I've been a little starved of movies since 2006 and really must catch up. I'm not sure if I'll ever get caught up since there are plenty of movies being released this year that I probably won't get to watch but I'll start here:

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
2. Casino Royale
3. The Ant Bully
4. Ratatouille
5. Hairspray
6. Lust, Caution
7. Sweeney Todd
8. The Bourne Ultimatum
9. The Golden Compass
10. Atonement

Thats all I can think of. I don't even really know whats out there anymore. Let me know your 'Must See Movies' ok.


Bilbo said...

I like your list. We've seen Casino Royale (great movie, but I found the plot a bit confusing), and Ratatouille is absolutely great. I'd like to see The Dark Knight (the new Batman movie) and the new Harry Potter movie this year, but will probably wait until they come out on DVD...I don't know what it's like where you are, but people here don't behave well in movie theaters, and the experience isn't very good most of the time.

egan said...

Why since 2006? Just kidding. I feel your movie pain. I have to think about the movie thing. I did enjoy Children of Men, but I have a thing for apocolyptic movies. The movie Knocked Up is pretty damn funny.

Surfergirl said...

good list! my cheek hurt after watching hairspray--because i was just smiling the entire movie. atonement is really good. so is the book! if you have time, watch Pan's Labyrinth as well. Best movie of year 2006 for me. And "Across the Universe" too, I know you like the 60's.

Amanda said...

Bilbo, you know what? I didn't even KNOW that The Dark Night was a new Batman movie. I want to watch that too now. I don't go to the cinemas either unless its for a movies like LOTR or other BIG productions. The audiences over here aren't all that well behaved either. I watched one of the Star Wars movies thinking Darth Vader was behind me!

Egan, I liked Knocked Up too. Haven't heard of Children of Men but I'll check it out.

Thanks guys! Have a great weekend.

Amanda said...

Hey Jean! Good to hear from you. I forgot all about Pan's Labyrinth so thanks for reminding me. Will have to check out Across the Universe.