Saturday, March 15, 2008

Do you need to go?

I've been try to toilet train Aaron for some time now but without any significant success to brag about yet. Just like with anything else, I constantly consult Google for more tips. I haven't come across much new information lately but I had a few good laughs about how the various sites describe the process:

From Parenting and Child Health:
Spreading poo around
* Doing poo feels good, and parents show a lot of interest in poo while toddlers are being toilet trained, so it is very normal for toddlers to be interested in their own poo.
* Most normal toddlers get some poo on their hands and spread it around at least a couple of times.

When you demonstrate for your toddler, it's helpful to explain what's going on as you're using the bathroom and let her see afterward what you "made."

Dr. Greene
If your child is afraid of failure, it is paramount that when he or she does make a mistake, your response is not an exasperated or a punishing one. Instead say something like, "Oops, there it went. Someday soon they're all going to land in the potty. We'll try again." (This one sounded funny but is actually something I'll have to try.)

I thought that being nappy free during his waking hours would speed up the process but so far we're keeping the place dry only because I'm constantly watching him and taking him to the bathroom. He has only made the dash to the bathroom door on his own twice so far.


Bilbo said...

One of my "cherished" memories of my oldest son's childhood is of him dragging me to the bathroom to proudly show off the contents of his potty chair. To this day, it has helped me take pride in what I do at work...

Jean-Luc Picard said...

This part of a child's learning is not what I would want to be involved in!

John said...

I started potty training my Aaron at about 18 months. Chris thought that it was to early but convinced of my offspring's superiority, I proceeded anyway. We (me and Aaron) had only modest success and it didn't last for too long.

Then, just before he turned two (when Chris was gone for the night) we (me and Aaron) decided that that would be the night. In a little over the next three-four hours, Aaron was successfully potty trained. With only a few daytime accidents, potty training was complete. Dad was proud, mom was thrilled, the guy from the diaper service was minus a customer!

Amanda said...

WOW John! I'm impressed! What was your secret? Do you think it was just because he was nearer 2?