Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mama's Day Off

Ah, Saturday. It has neither been a day of excitement nor a day of relaxation but its been a good day for me.

All four of us went along for Aaron's trial gymnastics class. Hold on, its conducted at a place where they teach gymnastics but the class he attended was actually called 'Ministunts'. It was our first time there and it appears that only the little girls do 'proper' gymnastics. The boys are all in this stunt class where they have structured muck around time. Among other energy spending activities, they had crawling races, practice falling on the side of their face, time on the trampoline and somersaults. Needless to say, Aaron loved every minute of it and it looks like I'll be signing him up officially.

I enjoyed the one hour watching Aaron play around because I didn't need to keep Adrian out of mischief. This is the reason why I've had such a good day. I've was relieved of most of my mothering duties and Richard took over for the day. To make it even better, I've been able to stop myself from telling Richard how to do things for the children and leaving it completely up to him. It doesn't really matter how he gets it done as long as they don't get seriously injured, they get food and drink, and they both get a bath. If the house ends up in a mess, thats not a problem either because Richard is in charge of cleaning it up. Am I lucky or am I lucky? Oh and don't forget that he also got dinner ready. It was one I prepared earlier but he did all the re-heating and cleanup.

So, are there people out there who think this is not fair? Perhaps some people think that he's been hard at work all week and deserves some time off too? I don't want to know. The break I needed wasn't so much from the physical aspects of my job but from that 24 hour neediness that I am surrounded with. Needs from little people that are relentless.

I just did a quick search for 'relentless definition' to see how specific it is and it is exactly the word I needed to use.


  1. Oppressively constant; incessant.
  2. Harsh or inflexible.
merciless - ruthless - pitiless - unrelenting

So after a day of some relief from my 'merciless, ruthless and pitiless' little bosses, I find that I miss interacting with them and am ready to get back to the job.

Latest update from 5 minutes after I clicked 'publish' the first time:

This is how Richard kept them entertained while I blogged.


John said...

Taking care of kids and the household is definitely a team sport.

They are OUR kids and it is OUR home.

While dads and moms have some separate duties and responsibilities, the ones that are unending (relentless) have to be shared ones.

Kudos to Richard for allowing you a break and good for you in letting him take care of it in his way!

You have a wonderful family, Amanda!

Mike said...

So you took the rest of the day off!

Bilbo said...

Ah, yes ... stickers. I have much experience of being covered in stickers, which tend to migrate from where the children stick them to other, often embarrassing, locations...