Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rubbish That I Indulge In

I'm sitting here,  almost unable to concentrate on this post because I want to get to the TV watching part of the night. Its been decided that we will watch Gossip Girl tonight. I know its absolute rubbish but I can't resist those twisted plots and overacted characters. Thats where I got the idea for today's blogging topic. So here are three things in my life that I know are of no value to me yet I don't try very hard to cut out.

I mentioned Gossip Girl  - an absolutely mindless TV show about some early twenty somethings that don't need to work and play some sort of love twisted through each season. Its so far removed from my life that I find it incredibly relaxing to watch it with Richard and comment on how unlikely those scenarios are. And of course, I like looking at the clothes they all wear.

I love carbohydrates too much. Yes, the dreaded CARBS! I've had a friend remark that I can eat a mountain of rice. And, I also know that if left with the time and the correct filling, I can eat half a loaf of bread all by myself. I make myself feel better by squeezing in a few extra feeds with Adrian if I can .

My final weakness  is celebrity sites. Ugh! This is such a waste of time. It all started when I was pregnant with Aaron and I started visiting the Celebrity Baby Blog site. Aaron is five and a half and I am still checking that page each day. And sometimes, I follow the links on the bottom to more sites with useless information and photos. Luckily on most days, I'm able to just stick to reading the one page because following the links take up precious time that I really need for other things. I should be catching up on the latest news, getting up to speed with the petty politics of this country or studying the financial markets.

And it looks like those are the major ones for now. I really thought there would be more. There are of course other occasional weaknesses like being unable to resist buying a t-shirt because it was $2 or giving Aaron yet another story book for his overcrowded bookshelves.

So what about you? What kind of time, calorie or money wasters do you have?


Bilbo said...

1. Blogging.
2. Facebook (although I am not hopelessly addicted like some people).

Mike said...

'following the links' will waste more time than you can ever imagine.