Monday, February 20, 2012

Forgotten Photos From Malaysia

I didn't use my own camera much during the holidays because my brother was around and I just let him be the photographer. So, it was a pleasant surprise today when uploaded whatever I had to my computer.

Aaron's hair is still quite short now but this was the shocking cut that he came back with after my father took him to the barber. I remember not knowing what to say because I didn't want to make him feel bad but looking back at it now, it looks quite cute.

This was my breakfast for almost half the days that we were there. That long, crispy looking loop is Tosai and is made from rice batter and black lentils. My father and I always have that while my mother and Aaron always ordered the Roti Canai. The total cost of our breakfast each time was always around USD3.50.

And finally, here is my personal lion dance troupe. The neighbors must have loved us! One of my friends gave this 'lion' and drum set to the boys. I loved it and enjoyed the drum myself but it was definitely a controlled toy in the house. We played with it often but only when I brought it out. Unfortunately, we weren't able to bring the set back to Brisbane. At least there will be something exciting to look forward to playing next year.

I'm very happy that Aaron enjoyed the six weeks in Malaysia as much as he did. I don't think Adrian appreciates it yet. If only it was a car ride away.

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Mike said...

Big A's new nickname can be Buzz.