Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Licorice Root To Fight Tooth Decay

Remember my post about the six holes in Aaron's teeth? As an update, we've completed four fillings and will get the remaining two this coming Saturday. He's been very good at all of them and refused a needle each time. 

Here is some 'exciting' news. I've been doing some reading and there is more that can be done apart from just brushing and flossing. Supposedly, Licorice Root is effective in helping fight tooth decay. The most recent article I've come across is this one from Science Daily.

Licorice has been used in traditional Chinese medicine and researchers have now identified two substances in it that kill three of major the bacteria responsible for gum disease and tooth decay. We're talking about the original root of the licorice plant here and not what you get from the candy stores. The candy is actually flavored with anise oil which has a similar taste.  

There are many other articles about the anti-bacterial properties of licorice and I think it does work because I have been giving Aaron a mixture of licorice root and herb robert for his tongue ulcers and it has been very effective. Starting tonight, I've also got both Aaron and Adrian chewing on a little bit of licorice root after dinner.  I'll be doing it soon too. 

Here are some of the other uses for licorice root.

1. Relaxing expectorant (soothes coughs)
2. Demulcent (soothing effect on contact)
3. Anti-inflammatory (via the body's own corticosteroid mechanisms)
4. Anti-ulcer against gastrointestinal ulcers
5. Laxative
6. Adaptogenic tonic (increases resistance to the effects of physical, mental and emotional stress)
7. Hepato-protective (protects the liver)
8. Antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial
9. Antioxidant and anti tumor
10.Hormonal regulation

Looks like it might be helpful to chew a little of it each day for all sorts of reasons. 

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Mike said...

I knew I remembered something about liquorice. Read the Wikipedia article on liquorice. Especially the 'toxicity' info at the end.

"...can cause a significant rise in blood pressure." So people on blood pressure medicine shouldn't take it.

"Comparative studies of pregnant women suggest that liquorice may also adversely affect both IQ and behaviour traits of offspring." So if you're ever thinking of an A3 you need to stop eating it.