Wednesday, February 15, 2012

They Are Out To Turn My Hair Grey!

Well, I had to take Aaron to the dentist today. I noticed last week that one of his teeth had a very visible hole in it. One hole is bad but I should have seen it coming knowing that he seemed to come out very quickly from supposedly brushing his teeth.  I made a mental note to stand in on his teeth brushing more often but I didn't beat myself up too much about it.

So back to that visit today. Guess what? He's five and his last visit to the dentist was in October but he has FIVE, maybe SIX, holes that need fillings. OMG! And instantly, five, maybe six hairs must have turned grey on my head. I could not believe it. I was stunned.

The first two words from the dentist after announcing the 'results' was "Soft Drinks!"


He then said "Poor oral hygiene".

I'm his mother! How could I let him get that many holes in four months? On hindsight, they must have already been there at the last visit but no x-rays were taken at that time. And also, all the tongue ulcers Aaron has been getting has meant that there were many days that he didn't brush his teeth at all. On top of that, he was taking all sorts of sugar coated pain killers and mouth rinses.

Aaron got two fillings done and we'll be going back for the next two weeks for the rest of them. I'm making an appointment for myself too so that I won't suddenly get a shock like that with my own teeth.

The final thing the dentist said to me was "After he brushes his teeth, you need to brush his teeth for him, until he  is eight!" I don't remember being all that conscientious about my own teeth brushing when I was five. I definitely don't remember my parents brushing my teeth for me! I think I should just supervise and train him a little more over the next few months.


Bilbo said...

Maybe you can get the beautician to come to the dentist's office and touch up your hair while you get your teeth checked, and kill two birds with one stone. Or not.

Mike said...

I've never heard of brushing your kids teeth for them. Tell the dentist he didn't train them right.

John said...

Check this out:
You can make a game of testing how well he brushes a couple of night per week. Make it more of a game than a 'you're not doing it well enough.'