Friday, February 24, 2012

How Old Is Too Old?

I've been taking Aaron for swimming lessons here and we always go to the ladies change rooms. Its mostly mothers who take children to these lessons so we're all in there with the little boys and girls. This week, I noticed that they had put up a blank noticeboard to partition off a portion of the room and a few mothers were telling their children to go behind there to change. Privacy? Probably, but it got me wondering because as far as I can see, all the kids that were six and under didn't have any problems stripping down and getting changed right there in the open.

I didn't send Aaron to get dressed there because I prefer to sit on the bench when helping him to towel dry and whatever else he needs assistance with. I don't think its an issue but I've become more conscious about making him face the wall to change in case the other mothers don't like him flashing them (or their daughters). Kid or not!

This leads me to another minor issue that I might soon have. I've been deferring thinking about when I have to stop taking him into the ladies' restrooms with me. There have been several times that I have sent him into the men's restrooms but those were urgent situations where there were long lines at the ladies side and no disabled toilets available. He's barely strong enough to push open some of those doors and I have no idea who is on the inside. And, I can't go in to check on him if he takes a little longer than usual to come out. So, I wonder how much longer he can keep going to the ladies side with me before other women start looking at him funny? How old is too old?

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Mike said...

That's too hard a question. I think it depends on local customs, the kid, the parents, etc. I guess if starts commenting on 'all the nice boobs in here' you might know it's time.