Thursday, July 2, 2009

Baby-less Holidays

In the past 2 days, I've had 2 friends tell me that they are going on holidays without their babies. My immediate thought was "WOW! That would be fantastic."

However, upon giving it further thought, I don't think I would do it. Not right now. After all, my mother is constantly asking me if she could take Aaron back to Australia for a holiday and, I always refuse. Its not that I don't have moments where I don't wish that the little guy was somewhere else. I do. And I usually regret the thought seconds after thinking it.

My mother's reasons are that Aaron is too attached to me and that he needs to learn some independence. The longest that he and I have been apart is 6 hours when I went for a day of sight seeing in the north of Cairns with my brother. I was still back in time to put him to bed that night.

Of course, I do think that a baby-less holiday would be thoroughly relaxing and we could probably go on some holiday that we couldn't take Aaron on. For example, the diving holiday to Sipadan that Richard and I had planned for 4 years ago but never happened. *let me spend a few seconds in dream land here.....sigh*

So, why don't I just accept my mother's offer? Partly, its because I know he can be such a handful and I don't want my mother to get all worn out because of him. The other part is just because I can't. I don't feel comfortable doing it.

I can just hear some people saying "Oh don't be one of those moms that can't let go". Honestly though, I am one of those moms at the moment. Perhaps this is my own fault but I don't think I've prepared him adequately to be away from me long enough for me to go on a holiday. I am doing a lot more of it now as he starts to find his own independence even without me prompting him. More experienced parents tell me that one day, he'll be begging me not to go places with him anyway. I'm not really in a rush for that day.

For now, I wish my two friends a fantastically romantic time away. Maybe I'll ask my mother to watch Aaron for a couple of hours this weekend while Richard and I go get a massage.


Mike said...

"he'll be begging me not to go places with him anyway"

That day will come alot sooner than you think. And you'll probably be too busy with your other 5 kids to notice.

Bilbo said...

There's nothing wrong with needing a little time for yourself, and it doesn't mean you're being selfish. Look at it as a chance to recharge the batteries.

egan said...

Six hours is the most? Okay, you must take your mom up on her offer. Maybe it's just for a night or something. It will be mutally benefitting to Aaron and yourself. I get your apprehension about unleashing him on your mom, but my guess is she can handle him. She was a parent at one point.

Niam said...

I understand how you feel. I wish I'm a highly paid footballer, then I can haul my whole family along with the baby sitter as well on a private jet hehe. I'm actually more looking forward to seeing Lucas again rather than looking forward to the holiday. Shhh, don't tell that to my wife.