Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Snowball of Slackness

I chat with my brother almost everyday and each day, the conversation starts out exactly the same way.

"Halo. What are you doing?"
"Nothing. You?"

It doesn't matter who starts the conversation, the first three lines almost always look like this. Then today, it went quite differently. Amongst other things, he said:

"'re supposed to be busy and stuff..."

" can sit down for a few minutes when you're giving birth, otherwise GET BACK TO WORK..."

"'re considered two people right? so you should work doubly hard!"

" also eat for two, so there should be more workload out of you. No point feeding if output is the same..."

Of course, he was just having some fun. He's a great uncle and I'm sure he's excited about another little one to play with. We used to fight like crazy growing up but now, we chat all the time. Sometimes with nothing much to say, other times with more serious stuff, and then there are times like this with the fun stuff.

Anyway, I have news for him. Today, I have had the slackest of slack days. Somehow, after blogging about this pregnancy yesterday I felt that I could just slack off. Of course, I was already starting to before that but today has been one big bludge of a day. I know there really isn't any entitlement to slacking just because one is pregnant but circumstances were so accommodating today.

With the water situation, we couldn't do any laundry. So, no hanging the clothes out or bringing them back in to be folded either.

We ended up going swimming at Novotel yesterday evening just so we could have showers there. And that led to dinner out as well. So, all the food I cooked for dinner yesterday was kept for lunch today. Another chore, not needed to be done.

Thats the end of the unavoidable slackness. From then on, I did it all by myself.

The plants didn't get watered because it looked cloudy.

No toys were picked up during the day. It happened to be in one corner and didn't look all that messy.

We ate biscuits on the floor and the crumbs went everywhere. I still haven't got around to cleaning that up. Maybe the ants will help me.

I gave Aaron a shower, washed his hair and used the shampoo suds to soap him.

Those few simple acts of slackness seem to have made the day a lot easier. Its getting close to dinner time and there's no avoiding the work there I guess. Well, I know I'm going to steam tofu, so at least that one is an easy dish.


Mike said...

Good thing you're not having twins. Unless .......

Nap Warden said...

Go easy on deserve it:)