Monday, July 13, 2009

How many hours are there in your day?

Supposedly, we all have 24 hrs in each of our days. Well, I have news for you. I think I've already gone through 24 hrs even though the sun hasn't quite set and I woke up at sunrise today. And you all know, I live in Palembang and not some place with those endless days. Today has been SO. INCREDIBLY. SLOW.

Several weeks ago, one of my friends (a new mom) said something along the lines of "The days are so slow!". Oh, how I can identify with that. And I'm no longer a new mom. This strange stretching out of the day is probably the aspect of motherhood that I least expected.

Before Aaron was born, people kept asking me to go out, enjoy myself, go out for dinner with Richard, and other things like that. They said that once the baby came, there will be no time for any of that. Now, wouldn't you get the impression that the little bundle of joy was going to keep you so occupied (as in busy doing one thing or other) that you didn't have time to do anything else?

In a way, that was true. I was and still am kept occupied the whole day long. I try my best to keep each day productive and have our activities lined up, but every so often, there is a day like today. It start extra early, and since I didn't plan properly, I ran out of activities early. This kind of day usually coincides with a day that Aaron doesn't feel like independent play. And also, it happened to be a day we didn't have access to the car. All I felt like doing is sleeping/surfing the internet/reading but all he wanted was to play play play. So, the "compromise" is sitting on the floor, trying to play and watching the minutes slowly creep by.

So you see, its true that there is no time to do anything because I was kept busy the whole day long. But really, I have done absolutely nothing today. Busy for nothing, doing nothing.


You wouldn't believe it! I got to that last "nothing" and the power went out. It wasn't a power trip either, but a neighborhood wide blackout. That was two hours and a half hours ago of extra slow time. Funny thing is that I managed to put Aaron to sleep about an hour ago and now, after sitting in darkness, doing nothing, I'm fully recharged and no longer feeling lethargic. I'm ready for tomorrow.


Mike said...

There's nothing like a power outage to change your outlook on life!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

We seem to have to fit more than 24 hours in our days.

John said...

Yeah, what Mike said.

Bilbo said...

Einstein's Theory of Relativity explains all about our perceptions of time. What most people don't realize is that one of the lesser-known corollaries of the theory states that time e-x-p-a-n-d-s when a hyperactive toddler must be entertained. For instance, last Saturday evening we baby-sat for our 2-year old granddaughter from 5 to 9 PM, but I know we were really there for 14 hours.