Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jaws vs Alien

My body is making me think of two particular movies at the moment: Jaws and Alien. There is something in there, but I can't quite feel it yet. Sometimes I think there is a nudge, like Jaws brushing innocently against a leg or a boat. And then, the thought of having something growing in me reminds me of the bursting-through-the-chest scene from Alien. I should really change that image in my head to perhaps being a Trill except my symbiont is a fresh being with no memories or experiences.

Sometimes its like a squirming movement in my belly. I think I feel it but I can't be sure. And, I've forgotten what those early fetal movements feel like. The ones I remember are the solid kicks and elbows when I least expected it. Or the uncomfortable shuffle for a better position similar to what Richard does after being squashed in economy airline seats.

Surely its just a matter of weeks now before I can prompt some movements. This is the part I've been looking forward to. Its amusing as well as reassuring. As long as the baby is moving, everything should be fine. I never really found out if it was ok to be doing this but I've got my torch ready again. I imagine it making some sort of sun on the inside. That always got Aaron jumping about.

Even though I'm being reminded of these two movies, I haven't and will not be watching any scary movies. Under normal circumstances, I already find it so difficult to watch any movies with things that may suddenly jump out or, the opposite, movies with too much suspense in it. I have to mute the TV if the suspense builds too much! Imagine all the stress hormones I'd be releasing to the baby! So, I'm avoiding them all and sticking to humour, drama and trash.


Mike said...

A happy mommy is a happy baby.

I've read this many times over the years also. Keep up the good work.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I never considered an expectant mother as a Trill!