Tuesday, July 21, 2009

License to Eat and Sleep - NOT!

We came back from Kuala Lumpur on Sunday evening but it has taken me all this time to "recover". Things just aren't as they used to be....

Supposedly, I now have a license to eat as much as I like. But, thats just not happening. There is this new threshold that must be strictly adhered to otherwise, stuff just gets ejected. I'm sure its at a point less that what I can normally eat. So, I'm yo-yo-ing between starving (from eating too little) and stuffed (from exceeding that limit. Either way, I'm uncomfortable.

I'm told to get as much rest as possible too. Sleep more, take things easy, relax. Well, thats not happening much either with this second pregnancy because the result of the first pregnancy is running around all day long.

Our quick trip back to Kuala Lumpur was partly to visit the doctor and take a peek at the little being thats in me. Actually, its not so little anymore. I'm 16 weeks and supposedly, its 3 or 4 inches long. It already looks cute!

This pregnancy is progressing very differently to when I had Aaron. Back then, I didn't have any morning/all day sickness PLUS I had all the time in the world to sleep, sit around doing nothing or just doing things that I felt like doing. Oh, the luxury of it!

Still, everything is good. I know life is going to change again but thats good. I've started telling Aaron about it but of course, its a little abstract to him. What I'm most looking forward to is seeing him interact with the baby. Hopefully, it won't all be acts of insane jealousy!

For today, we have to go see about what we'll do with the fact that the water tank is all muddy because there is supposedly a burst pipe somewhere. The last time this happened was in July 2007. You can see a photos of it here. It looks pretty much the same.


Bilbo said...

Wow...congratulations! Now Mike and John and I get to be honorary uncles a second time!! As for that burst pipe, it gives new meaning to the expression, "My water broke," doesn't it?

Fly Girl said...

Congrats on number 2. I had morning sickness my entire first semester. Ginger really helps and eating small meals every few hours also alleviates the nausea.

Mike said...

It sounded like you had to flu at first. Being a guy that's what I think of first when hearing those symptoms. Congratulations on no2.

Wv: ilsing: what Amanda is not doing on the shower.

GJ said...

Congrats, I see that you don't "trust" the local medical staff. Probably no ultrasound there either.
Best wishes GJ

fiona said...

hope you get clean water soon. it's dreadful when water is not available conveniently.

i'm thinking do you like taking in those instant cereal drink? i found it helpful for my late night hunger pangs last time. ;)