Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Promise To Travel

One of my single friends mentioned recently that she thinks she may be too selfish to have any children. She likes her lifestyle, her home and all its furnishings and has an addiction to travel. Yes, kids are costly and time consuming. And some fleeting moments, even though she has a work life that I wouldn't want, I do envy her Friday nights of hanging out with friends till the early hours of the morning.

So maybe her rewards for all the hard work she puts in are the nights out, trips abroad, meals at fancy restaurants and of course, professional status.

But, what about SAHMs? Like me, for example. Supposedly, the reward is that we watch these little miracles take their first steps, say their first words, go potty, etc etc etc. (I guess working people will say that I get to slack around all day long.)

I sincerely hope this isn't all there is. I mean, I once had that lifestyle. Y'know, the one that involved traveling? Its the traveling that I'm most "worried" about. I've got another one on the way! Anywhere I go, I'd like to go as a family but soon, its going to be a family of F.O.U.R. Hard to imagine...the money, the extra organisation involved, the extra tantrums perhaps, but surely there will be extra fun.

Since Aaron was born, we've "travelled" a lot but we haven't really been on any major trips to places we've never been to (except Bali, which was easy). Firstly, half our trips were back to Ipoh. I felt I had to do that because my grandparents are all around the 90 year mark and its important for Aaron to get to know them now. The other half of my trips were to Brisbane and that was always when Richard couldn't get away from work and I needed a break from Palembang.

Do I sound like I'm complaining? Well, I'm not. I know I'm lucky to get to change location as often as I do. But, I'm making a promise, here and now, to travel to those destinations on my "Must Visit" list. I've got to work out the money, and the time, and balance it with time (and money) spent going back to Ipoh.

I think my first target is Kyoto, Japan. That one is going to cost me extra because its the place I've been wanting to take my mother to. I'm planning!


Mike said...

My wife has a "Must Visit" list. I have a "where are we going now?" list.

fiona said...

exact sentiments here..
all i do is "just talk". talking about tokyo, talking about some parts of europe and just yesterday, china (to Brian's chagrin)!

hope you'll get to kyoto soon! :)

Bilbo said...

Mike's wife has a "must visit" list. Mike has a "where are we going now?" list. I have a "how on earth can we afford going there?" list.

Anonymous said...

Are you taking only your mom? What about your dad??

NomadicExpat said...

Makes me wonder if "Anonymous" was your dad! LOL!

Hmm... what's wrong with China? I live/work in China. I need to achieve my China "Must Visit" list too.

I'll borrow your babies when we go to Kyoto together so that this single friend of yours can experience what a SAHM is like momentarily. ;-)