Thursday, July 16, 2009

6 Hours Of Darkness

We had another black out last night. It started at the same time, dinner time, but lasted much longer. It came back after a couple of hours the last time so last night, we sat around waiting for it. I gave up around 9.30pm and went to bed. I think Richard waited a while longer because he was hoping to do the dishes before going to bed but he gave up too. In our house, when there is no power, there is also no water because the pump can't work to get water into the house.

A couple of years ago, somebody told me that there are no power interruptions before an election because the government doesn't want to frustrate the people. TRUE. They also said that you can expect frequent interruptions after the election. TRUE. (Although, I don't know if its just a co-incidence.) That must be when they balance out all the extra power they might have generated in the previous weeks or catch up on all the maintenance works. The national elections were last Wednesday and since then, the rotating blackouts around Palembang look to have started.

Anyway, we're off in a couple of hours and won't be back until Sunday evening. Hopefully, we won't be returning to any blackouts! We're making a short trip to Kuala Lumpur. Tell you about it when I get back. Have a good weekend everyone.


fiona said...

electricity came back at 11pm last night. i'm trying to see if there's a pattern and if the next one's coming on friday.

have a good trip.

Mike said...

Time to buy a backup generator. You'll actually get more power from it than you get from the power company.

Nap Warden said...

Enjoy your trip...good luck with the blackouts:)