Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Aaron Sleeps Through But I Don't !

My sleep patterns have been completely out of synch lately. And this time, I can't blame Aaron. He sleeps through 10 or more hours every night now!

On the other hand, I'm either taking about 2 hours to fall asleep OR waking up at about 2am and staying awake till nearly 4am. It is so annoying. I'm tired, I'm even sleepy, but I just won't fall asleep.

When Aaron was the lousy sleeper, I used to nurse him back to sleep. The upside of always needing to do that was the nursing hormones. They not only put him to sleep but me as well! I've always taken a long time to fall asleep but when we were still nursing, it was a piece of cake.

These days, I'm back to the old routine of taking forever to get to dreamland. And on top of that, when I do fall asleep, I wake up again in a couple of hours and have to repeat the whole process again.

Its not as if I have a big problem to stress over that I'm being kept awake. In fact, the most trivial of thoughts come to mind as I lay awake. Take last night for example: I kept wondering about how I would get my Rubik's Cube back from a neighbor in Palembang. He's an 8 year old boy and I let him borrow it for the duration of my stay here in Ipoh. But I've extended my stay. Maybe he'll think its his permanently. Maybe, he has tossed it out. Maybe, maybe, maybe....Its just a stoopid Rubik's Cube. GO TO SLEEP!

Oh yes, the other thing I tend to think about when I can't sleep is food. This is something I haven't had in a while so, I think about it quite a bit - Curry Noodles with Chinese Roast Pork.

I've tried exercising, not exercising, having a warm drink, not having a drink, repetitive prayer, emptying my mind (this one is hard), whatever!

Its a vicious cycle because by 1pm the next day, I'm sleepy and I have to put Aaron down for his nap. Very often, I end up falling asleep very easily at that time but I'm stopping that now. Its not going to help my night sleeping. So here I am, new blogging time.


Mike said...

The next thing to try is writing things down. Sometimes you can't get things out of your mind because you're afraid you'll forget them in the morning. So keep a notepad and pen by the bed. Write those thoughts down and worry about them the next day.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Maybe blogging will send you asleep.

John said...

We had a boy at camp a couple of years ago that had a terrible time falling asleep. His mind was so active that it kept him awake to the point of being unhealthy for him. His doctors recommended an mp3 player with light instrumental music. The music would occupy his brain's attention without keeping him awake. It worked very well.

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